Apple Flips On ‘Channels,’ Teases Subscription Streaming Service

Apple placed its new, big bet on video Monday, announcing a new version of its TV app that will aggregate and curate OTT subscription services from a wide range of sources, and the teasing of a streaming subscription service that will debut this fall and feature a slate of original series and shows.…

My $0.02: It’s kind of a me-too product, with not a lot to distinguish it from Roku, Amazon, etc. OTOH, it doesn’t seem like it’ll be significantly WORSE than those guys, it’ll give Apple fans a reason to not wander to other vendors. And one analyst estimated revenues at $22B, which is not nothing.

It is surprisingly difficult to make the case why blackmail should be illegal.]( Don’t Worry About the Vase.

Post, Shoot. Invisibilia podcast. In Wilmington, Delaware, the version of a teen who lived online became more real than his real life — with a fatal result.

Tip for world travelers: When leaving a foreign country, use your cash to load up a Starbucks gift card, which you can use at home. Source Cool Tools. I wish I’d read this tip before I got on a plane home from my annual Barcelona trip with EUR100 in my pocket.

Britain Is Drowning Itself in Nostalgia

Brexiteers and hardcore Remainers are both looking backwards — Brexiteers to a time before Britain joined Europe, and Remainers to the time before the referendum.…

Meanwhile, here in the US, we’ve elected a President whose slogan is Make America Great Again, while much of his opposition seems to think things will be just fine if we can turn the clock back to the first week of November, 2016.