Apple has acquired Workflow, a powerful automation tool for iPad and iPhone

And Apple is making Workflow free on the App Store, according to a report from Matthew Panzarino on TechCrunch.

I’ve heard some concerns from the Apple fan podcasting community that Apple might be less committed to automation. This should set some minds at ease.

I’ve had the app for a couple of years, but never got into it. I just installed my first couple of workflows last week.

So now there’s a “Mitch Wagner Design” out there

No, Mitch Wagner Design isn’t me. I have no idea who this person is. The only thing I know about him is he has a great name.

My name is sufficiently uncommon that I never run into another Mitch Wagner. It’s uncommon for me to run into another person named Mitch, or Wagner.

I used to work with a guy named Tom Smith. I bet he ran into other Tom Smiths all the time.

If I ever need a web page professionally designed, I know who I’m using!