Peak Trump

He had low turnout for his Rolling Thunder rally, his campaign staff are fighting each other more than the Democrats, and his shotgun attacks on Republican leaders are looking pathetic. Have we seen peak Trump?

I say: Way too soon to call, but hopeful signs.

Trump’s tragic, rolling bluster – Eugene Robinson, The Washington Post

Tick tock

Apple is said to be extending iPhone refreshes to once every three years – Martyn Williams, Macworld

Apple has previously been on a tick-tock cycle with the iPhone. Even-numbered years it makes big breakthroughs in design. Odd-numbered years it refines the previous year’s design, with phones that look identical to the previous year’s version but have faster guts.

In 2014, Apple came out with the iPhone 6, which was its big phone, and the 6 Plus, which was its REALLY big phone: Last year, faster versions of the same.

Now Apple is reportedly going from a two-year to three-year cycle, as phone hardware innovation gets harder to achieve.

I’m like many Apple enthusiasts, on a two-year upgrade cycle for my iPhone. And I’ve already been thinking about skipping this year, even without any hard information on what the 2016 iPhone will look like.