Yesterday’s creative writing: 292 new words, 12,810 words total on “The Reluctant Magician”

That’s short of my usual 500-word goal but I didn’t start until 9 pm. Normally, that would be enough time for me to do 500+ words in a burst, but a personal matter intervened.

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The Black Panthers’ overlooked revolution →

They weren’t a violent revolutionary political party — or they weren’t just that. While Huey Newton, Bobby Seale, and Eldredge Cleaver grabbed headlines, women did community activism. Yohuru Williams and Bryan Shih at the Nation speak with four women Black Panthers on the occasion of the Panthers’ 50th anniversary.

Ericka Huggins:

When mainstream journalists talk to me, they want to know, “What really happened?” Whereas young people are looking back and saying, “Wow, 50 years ago you fed people? Forty-five years ago you created schools that were student-centered and community-based? You had clinics? You had bus-to-prison programs that were free? How did you do that without social media?” I love those conversations, because I feel that young people are convincing themselves they can do the same thing. After all, the median age of party members was 19 years old.

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The 6 best big cities to live in the US →

Columbus, Ohio, makes Money’s list.

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Beauty queen with teeth →

Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado Won’t Be Defined by Donald Trump’s Fat-Shaming – Prachi Gupta, Cosmopolitan

It only hurts Trump more that she’s a gorgeous plus-size beauty today. And that she LITERALLY WRAPS HERSELF IN THE AMERICAN FLAG.

Last night I said I didn’t think the debate would produce a defining campaign moment, something like Romney’s 47% remark or Kerry’s “against it before I was for it.”

I think this might be that defining event.

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And Howard Stern called her a “fat pig” →

On Howard Stern, Trump Called 1996 Miss Universe An “Eating Machine” – Andrew Kaczynski and Nathan McDermott, BuzzFeed News

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First thing to do when you’re stuck in a hole is stop digging →

Trump responds to claims that he fat-shamed a Miss Universe winner by fat-shaming her again – Emily Crockett, Vox

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@pmarca in repose →

Marc Andreessen suddenly deletes all his tweets, goes on Twitter break – John Mannes, TechCrunch

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