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Julian Assange has become a full-blown Hillary conspiracy theorist

Assange is suggesting that the Clinton campaign may have been behind the recent murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich.

According to Eric Kleefeld, The New Republic, Assange told Dutch TV:

“Whistleblowers go to significant efforts to get us material, and often very significant risks. There’s a 27-year-old that works for the DNC who was shot in the back, murdered, just a few weeks ago, for unknown reasons as he was walking down the streets in Washington.”

Van Rosenthal interjected that the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich was a robbery. After Assange dug in further, the host asked him what he was suggesting. “I’m suggesting that our sources take risks—and they become concerned to see things occurring like that,” Assange answered. He added that WikiLeaks is looking into this. The group has also posted a $20,000 reward for information leading to conviction for Rich’s murder.

Minnie gives us a scare

I was walking Minnie in the park Sunday like we do every day when I’m home. The temperature was in the mid-80s, which is not warm enough for me to bring water. It was a typical walk. We do about 3-1/4 miles at a moderate pace.

We had done three quarters of the route and were well on the way home when Minnie fell over while walking and struggled to get back to her feet. Once she got up she went over again. She was panting pretty hard too. It looked enough like heatstroke that I was quite concerned.

In the few seconds it took me to think that through, she’d regained the ability to stand and walk. I wanted to get some water in her but I had none and we weren’t near any. Fortunately, there was a couple picnicking nearby, and they gave me some cold water in a styrofoam cup. I brought Minnie to a shady spot and let her drink water at her own pace from my hand and the cup. When her breathing was regular again we continued the walk home, letting her set the pace. Nice and slow.

We’ve been keeping an eye on her and she’s back to her old self.

Lessons: Be careful about rushing Minnie while walking her. This will be tricky because if I let her set the pace she will stop and eat every damn thing.

And always bring water on our daytime walks, at least until November when the weather cools off.

Encounter on my daily walk

Walking home from my daily walk just before we left for vacation, I met a woman coming downhill when I was going up. She said something and I took my earbuds out of my ears to hear her. She asked me where my dog was. I said she’s taking a day off. Then I told her why, that we were going on vacation so we put Minnie in doggie day care for a few days. (I hate saying “doggie day care.” It is not a thing grownups should say.)

I noticed the woman was wearing a backpack. I realized that I have often seen her walking around the neighborhood, wearing a backpack. I asked her why. She said she’s in training for hiking Spain this summer, getting used to carrying the weight. I asked her what was in the backpack, thinking it might be books or rocks or something else the same weight as her gear. She said it’s her gear, the same gear she’ll be carrying in Spain. Which makes more sense than my theory.

I wished her a good time and headed back up the hill.

I was feeling jangly Saturday. Restless and fidgety and nothing I could think to do seemed satisfactory.

So I decided to go for a very long walk with Minnie. We usually go three miles, to the park, partway around Lake Murray, and back. Saturday I decided we should go as far around the lake as you can go, to the chain-link fence that bars the way to the dam. That was eight miles. It tired me out nicely. I thought it would tire Minnie out, but nope. As soon as I let her off the leash in the backyard, she ran around in circles as fast as she could for 10 minutes.

I took this photo at the halfway point, at the fence that blocks the way to the dam, before turning around and retracing our steps home.

I did not touch the bulls-eye so I guess it doesn’t count.

How to keep your dog cool in hot weather

This week I caved in to common sense and resumed taking Minnie out for our long, brisk walk first thing in the morning, while it’s still cool. I had been going in midday, but it’s too blamed hot then, and it’s going to get hotter through September.

Added bonus: It started to rain slightly this morning just as we were getting home, and now I’m sitting on the deck with Minnie, reading and drinking tea and enjoying the cool breeze, rather than wondering whether the rain is going to let up.

This guide is for runners. I found it useful for our long, brisk walks.

Dealing with warm weather

Nobody walks just to walk anymore


People walk for fitness and to make an ecological statement — to be green. But few people go on aimless, undistracted walks, which promote creativity and thoughtfulness, says Finlo Roher.

I walk a half-hour in the morning, an hour in the afternoon, and about 10-15 minutes before bedtime. Minnie is with me on the morning and nighttime walks, and the afternoon walk too unless it’s too hot for her paws on pavement. In the afternoon I listen to podcasts or audiobooks, but in the morning and night I’m unplugged.

I’m not sure how I fit into Roher’s schema of distracted vs. undistracted walkers. I suspect more on the distracted side.

See: The slow death of purposeless walking

Speaking of walking, time for me to put down the iPad and hit the bricks. This will be Minnie’s first one-hour fast walk since Monday; Tuesday through Saturday were too blamed hot for her. Those long walks are good for our physical, mental, and emotional health — she and I both — and because they tire her out they promote domestic tranquility and sanity in the evening.

Given our lifestyles, Julie and I should not have adopted a moderately-high-energy dog like Minnie. Fortunately, this decision proved to be one of many bad decisions I’m glad to have made.