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October 13, 2016

Today’s creative writing: 112 new words, 17,680 words total, on “The Reluctant Magician.” I just spent a few minutes on creative writing tonight. It’s been a long day.


October 8, 2016

Today’s creative writing: 782 new words, 15,953 words total, on “The Reluctant Magician.”

I had another one of those days where I had to talk myself into doing any writing at all, but once I sat down it flowed.

I’m in the middle of a section of wiseguy banter now. Those are always fun to write. Next: A fight scene. Also fun to write.

Today’s creative writing: 503 words, 14,628 words total on “The Reluctant Magician”

Once again, momentum FTW. I wasn’t going to write at all because it was late and I’m traveling for business and I have to get an early start tomorrow. “Just write something,” I said to myself. “Three words. That’s all you have to do.”

But once I got started I was rolling and before I knew it the word goal on Ulysses went from gray to green and I was done.

A business associate today asked me about my creative writing — which is I think the first time that’s happened; usually my worlds are compartmentalized. I commented to him that these progress reports are surprisingly helpful. I don’t kid myself that you are fascinated by them — you have your own lives, and I expect if I stopped writing today, you’d virtually not notice at all. In about two or three years one of you might say, “Hey, did you used to do creative writing? Whatever happened to that?” But I would know if I miss even one day, and it matters.


October 1, 2016

Today’s creative writing: 556 new words, 13,647 total, on “The Reluctant Magician.” Back in the groove.


September 30, 2016

Today’s creative writing: 105 new words, 13,091 words total, on “The Reluctant Magician.”

I’ve been stuck the last few days, having trouble getting started with the next scene, which introduces a new major character. I was having difficulty visualizing the character in ways that didn’t seem sickly sweet. This afternoon I realized I need to combine that character with an existing character and rewrite two of the scenes I’ve already written.

Tonight I deleted a few hundred words of material that went down a wrong road. I wrote notes on the scenes I need to revise. I did a few paragraphs of new material. And then I deleted those few paragraphs and started again.

So I’m making forward progress, but lots of backtracking going with it.


That’s short of my usual 500-word goal but I didn’t start until 9 pm. Normally, that would be enough time for me to do 500+ words in a burst, but a personal matter intervened.


Yesterday’s word count is an approximation. In addition to writing 594 new words, I added text to some earlier sections and cut some too.

Habit is starting to push me through. I started yesterday’s creative writing so late that I was tempted to blow it off. But I remembered my resolution: Just write something. Even if I can’t manage 500 words, write something. And I ended up doing 500 words and continuing onward. Probably my total was 800 words yesterday. Which isn’t record-setting but it’s pretty good considering I didn’t think I had anything in me at all.

Yesterday’s creative writing: 503 words, 10,114 words total, on “The Reluctant Magician”

Past the decade mark! Woo-hoo!

I’m also past the end of the first section of the novel, and into territory where I wasn’t sure what should come next, which has paralyzed me in the past. Fortunately, the outline is carrying me into the next scene. However, I’m less than a paragraph into that scene so I’m not counting myself out of the doldrums yet.

Yesterday’s creative writing: 528 words, 9,583 words total, on “The Reluctant Magician.”

Today I’ll hit 10,000 words.

Today I will hit another milestone: The end of the first, long section of the novel. I have only a vague idea what I want to write next. In the past, this has led to writers block and me not writing. Now we shall see if the outline has magical powers — did I write notes to myself to get myself over the hump?

Today’s creative writing: 596 words, 6,997 words total, on “The Reluctant Magician”

I decided to set a target of 70,000 words for this novel. It’s an arbitrary number — I don’t care if it goes significantly longer or shorter. 70,000 words seems like a good length for an urban fantasy caper novel.

The outline is still working well for me. I know where I need to go. And it does not preclude improvisation — I came up with an ending for the scene I’m working on that fits quite nicely. It isn’t in the outline, and it doesn’t throw the outline off either.