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“Clinton Republicans” are a 2016 trend

Amie Parnes, The Hill:

Just as Reagan Democrats emerged three decades ago to catapult Ronald Reagan to the White House, a crop of unexpected cross-party supporters has surfaced during this election cycle.

And they are helping Democratic nominee

The steady trickle of Republicans coming out for Clinton have boosted her campaign and drawn attention to a divided GOP….

Republicans for Clinton include top GOP fundraiser and former tech company executive Meg Whitman, former Michigan governor William Milliken, former MGM CEO and GOP donor Harry Sloan along with retiring Rep. Richard Hanna (N.Y.).

A Clinton aide said each defection could cause a domino effect of sorts, allowing for other rank and file Republicans to endorse Clinton.

And one Clinton ally noted that the GOP diaspora has less to do with an affecting among GOP voters for Clinton, and more about distaste for Trump.

“We don’t have to do much,” the ally said. “Donald Trump is doing all the work for us.”

But what will those Clinton Republicans do when they no longer have Trump driving them to the Democrats? Reagan Democrats stayed Republican for a generation; that won’t be the case with the Clinton Republicans. But neither will Trump simply disappear and the Clinton Democrats return to the Republican party just as it was before.