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Creator of chatbot that beat 160,000 parking fines now tackling homelessness

Elena Cresci, The Guardian:

The chatbot lawyer that overturned hundreds and thousands of parking tickets is now tackling another problem: homelessness.

London-born Stanford student Joshua Browder created DoNotPay initially to help people appeal against fines for unpaid parking tickets. Dubbed “the world’s first robot lawyer”, Browder later programmed it to deal with a wider range of legal issues, such as claiming for delayed flights and trains and payment protection insurance (PPI).

Now, Browder, 19, wants his chatbot to provide free legal aid to people facing homelessness. He said: “I never could have imagined a parking ticket bot would appeal so much to people. Then I realised: this issue is bigger than a few parking tickets.”

A cynical part of me expects lawyers and landlords will get this bot declared illegal. But then what happens if Browder moves the bot outside US and UK jurisdiction?