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The Middle of Nowhere – This American Life

Stories from faraway, hard-to-get-to places, where all rules are off, nefarious things happen because no one’s looking, and there’s no one to appeal to.

One segment looks at the tiny, remote island of Nauru:

Nauru is a tiny island, population 12,000, a third of the size of Manhattan and far from anywhere, yet at the center of several of the decade’s biggest global events … the bankrupting of the Russian economy, global terrorism, North Korean defectors, the end of the world, and the late 1980s theatrical flop of a London musical based on the life of Leonardo da Vinci called Leonardo, A Portrait of Love.

At the time this segment aired in 2003, the island, once a tropical paradise, had been strip-mined for phosphates, made home to hundreds of terrorism refugees living in camps worse than Guantanamo Bay.

Wikipedia has more.

Nauru has as terrible history of Western imperialism, in which America is complicit.