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Considering Donald Trump didn’t start fundraising until late May, the new haul is remarkable.

Hillary Clinton’s lead should be far greater than it is, considering how much she is outspending Trump. She’s just a weak candidate. Americans don’t like her.

A respectable Democratic candidate would be mopping the floor with Trump, and a respectable Republican candidate would be pounding the tar out of Clinton. These are two weak candidates who are incapable of doing much damage to each other or making voters like them.


“The legacy of the Wallace campaign is one that we wrestle with today.”

Slate’s Whistlestop podcast is a lively discussion of Presidential campaigns throughout history. The latest installment:

In 1968, Alabama Gov. George Wallace appealed to segregationists and blue-collar workers during his presidential bid as a third-party candidate.

Wallace set the state for the Republicans to peddle racism and ignorance for nearly 50 years.

And Donald Trump owes a lot to the Wallace playbook.

Looks like Donald Trump’s campaign is self-destructing

At least that’s the impression I get skimming the news. I take it with a grain of salt.

It’s not surprising. Trump has been playing Russian roulette. A guy playing Russian roulette might get lucky for a while and dazzle onlookers. But eventually he’s going to blow his own head off if he keeps going.

I’m trying to remind myself that it’s better for America  – and the world – if Trump is stopped sooner rather than later. Part of me wants him to take the Republican nomination, which would open the door for the Democrats to win the White House and sweep all the way down the ballot, including both houses of Congress and state houses.

Not that I love the Democrats much. But they’re better than the GOP. It’s a step in the right direction.


Republicans are surrendering to Donald Trump

The Wall Street Journal, Karl Rove, and Marco Rubio denounced Trump, but they’re now extending olive branches, says Fareed Zakaria at The Washington Post.

The modern GOP espoused free markets, free trade, social conservatism, an expansionist foreign policy, and fiscal discipline, particularly on social spending Zakaria says. (What he doesn’t say is that the Republicans were always hypocrites on these issues, particularly spending.) Now, the Republican leadership are turning their backs on those beliefs to avoid being shut out of power.

[Republicans are surrendering to Donald Trump | Fareed Zakaria | The Washington Post]

Elsewhere, a friend suggests a nasty scenario: Trump and Cruz make a deal and unite. This seems likely.

I think I’ve had a conversion experience about Trump. But not in the way you’re thinking.


Sure, Trump is a putz, but he’s only incrementally different than most of the Republican leadership for the past 15 years at least. And the Democrats are no prize either.

Trump isn’t the next Hitler. He’s your blowhard uncle, if your blowhard uncle drove a private helicopter with his name on it instead of a rustbucket Dodge Neon.

Rand Paul’s White House campaign stumbles

The Kentucky Senator backed Greg Brannon in the Republican primary for North Carolina Senate; Brannon finished a distant second.

Paul had put his growing party clout on the line at an appearance on Monday with Brannon, whom he praised as a “hero” despite his history of provocative statements like calling President Barack Obama a fascist and contending the constitutional right to bear arms extends to nuclear weapons.

Paul has problems with social conservatives because of his view that abortion laws shouldn’t change until public opinion shifts. And foreign policy hawks are uncomfortable with his opposition to foreign intervention.

For Rand Paul, a stumble on road to 2016 White House bid – Yahoo News

I see the Republicans are revving up the Benghazi machine again

Because that worked so well for them in 2012. 

There are actually legitimate questions about the White House handling of Benghazi. The recent Carney memo is disturbing. But it’s by no means the smoking gun the Republicans think it is. 

And the American people are sick of hearing the Republicans rant about Benghazi. The American people hear about Benghazi and it just sounds like more birther/Muslim/socialist rubbish. 

American needs a party to oppose the Democrats. Instead, we have an embarrassing uncle who gets drunk and says inappropriate things at the Thanksgiving table. 

Update: Boehner to Form Select Committee on Benghazi