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Stop blaming Israel for the violence. Stop blaming the Palestinians.

Stop saying that if Israeli children were dying, Palestinians would be celebrating.

Stop writing articles like this: “It’s a game of tit for tat, except one side is the world’s sixth largest arms exporter (11th in terms of “global firepower”) and the other an imprisoned slum with a poverty rate of 70 percent.”

And this: While Hamas tries to kill civilians, Israelis try to spare them.

Any attempt to paint one side of this conflict as more in the wrong than another just creates a more welcoming environment for violence.

You think that simply pointing out the enemy is wrong will help you win? You think that violence will help you achieve your goals? Not going to happen. If it could have worked, it would have worked already. It’s been at least 50 years. You want to go for another 50 years of blood and violence and death? You want more children to die? Keep finding blame.



“Harrowing” tweets show what life is like in Gaza under Israeli bombing

What does it feel like to be in Gaza right now, under ever-looming threat of bombardment from above? Mohammed Suliman, a resident of Gaza City who identifies himself on his blog as a 22-year-old graduate student, has been tweeting, often poignantly, of the experience.