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Donald Trump will go down in fashion history as the man who killed the business suit

Luke Leitch, 1843 Magazine:

Trump’s suits really do suit him. They are cartoonishly plutocratic, historically accurate Eighties power suits. They are lumpily rendered emblems of success (also the name of Trump’s fragrance) that absolutely add to an aura so many seem bewitched by. Clothes maketh the man, and all that.

Yet while Trump’s suits are great for Trump, they are terrible for businesses that depend on the world’s executive classes wearing them too. For his emergence as the most rolling-news, front-page prominent avatar of the two-piece couldn’t come at a worse time for a business that is already suffering.

Suits are my standard apparel for business travel. They’re reasonably comfortable, and I don’t have to decide what to wear. We’re a dwindling breed, we suit-wearers. I don’t see a lot of suits at conferences, and most of the suits I do see are well-tailored and dapper. “Dapper” is not a word people would use to describe me in a suit. “Rumpled” is a more apt word.


Style mavens say beards are soooooo over.

I never could grow a decent beard. I try every 10 years or so and then give up after about 10 days.

The recent mountain-man bristly beard thing was ridiculous unless you are, actually, a mountain man. If none of your recent meals have included meat from a bear your killed yourself, trim or shave your damn beard.

Warning: I am not someone you want to take fashion advice from

Should a gentleman wear a T-shirt under a dress shirt?.

I almost always wear a V-neck T-shirt under a dress shirt — V-neck because I almost never wear a tie and I wear the shirt open at the collar. It was fashionable for a few years recently to wear a crew-neck T-shirt under a dress shirt, but that was just a horrible dream from which we have thankfully awakened.