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Early Beatles gig featuring 18 “very bored” people


It was 1961, and a friend booked the gig in the Palais Ballroom, Aldershot, Hampshire. The Beatles and their friend, Sam Leach, hoped to attract the attention of London record executives, but Leach didn’t realize Aldershot was a military town 37 miles outside London.

Also, the ad that Leach paid to have in local papers never showed up because Leach paid with a check instead of cash and didn’t provide contact information.

Dec. 9, 1961, the Beatles in Aldershot [Alex Q. Arbuckle – Retronaut]

17 sitcom intros from 60s one-season wonders

“I’m Dickens .. He’s Fenster,” featuring John Astin; “Captain Nice,” with William Daniels; “My Mother the Car,” and more.

“Good Morning World” looks like it was a proto-WKRP/Frasier. Great credits; I guess the show didn’t live up to them.

The video summary has the rundown:

TV theme intros of sitcoms of the 1960s, between 1962 and 1968, that aired for a single season or less. Our Man Higgins, Dickens and Fenster, Baileys of Balboa, Mickey, No Time for Sergeants, Wendy and Me, Karen, Tammy, Gidget, My Mother the Car, Captain Nice, Pruitts of Southampton, Ugliest Girl in Town, Occasional Wife, Love on a Rooftop, He & She, Good Morning World

“Johnny Staccato,” and 9 other rare 60s TV themes

Featuring John Cassavetes, Gene Barry, Burt Reynolds, Norman “Mr. Roper” Fell as a police detective, and more.

I love the way some of these set expectations for the show. An elegant secret agent in tuxedo gracefully lights a cigarette and then bursts into action. Rumpled people bustle around through a busy squadroom as detectives review notes. And the music! And so much violence!

Mad Men: “The former break room now looks like a spaceship manned by an Austin Powers extra.”


The Gothamist unpacks the latest Mad Men


Betty, before starting to reject the role of politician’s wife, announces that she’ll be serving Crab Louie at their party. The dish, said to be created in San Francisco in the early 1900s, basically consists of mayo, crab meat, hard boiled eggs, tomato, asparagus, and iceberg lettuce.

I’ve had it. Didn’t love it.