Trump the peacemaker?

Trump’s decision to pull out of Syria and Afghanistan could turn out to be a disaster. Or it could be the one great thing that comes out of his lousy administration, a foreign policy coup as significant as anything accomplished by most presidents.

Even a terrible president can do good things. Maybe this is one of them.

Ian Welsh, a Canadian political observer, loves it. He says he’s tired of valuing American lives over other lives, and America leaving Syria and Afghanistan will save a lot of non-American lives:

Trump has a chance to come out of this looking a lot better than Obama. All he has to do is stop a couple wars, and not start a war….

Non-American lives matter….

Plus it will correct a monumental geopolitical error. Bin Laden’s entire plan was to get US boots on the ground, prove the US military could be be beaten, and bleed America dry. Americans, in their hubris, walked right into his trap.

Maybe time to step out of it.

Also, it’s appalling to see politicians and talking heads who have not themselves served talking tough about war. A previous generation used to call those people “chickenhawks,” a fine old word that needs reviving. Trump is himself usually king of the chickenhawks. If you’ve ever left your house without a few bodyguards — perhaps to buy groceries or get a cup of coffee — congratulations! You’ve demonstrated more personal courage than Captain Bonespurs!

Trump the Peacemaker?

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