Encounter on my daily walk

Walking home from my daily walk just before we left for vacation, I met a woman coming downhill when I was going up. She said something and I took my earbuds out of my ears to hear her. She asked me where my dog was. I said she’s taking a day off. Then I told her why, that we were going on vacation so we put Minnie in doggie day care for a few days. (I hate saying “doggie day care.” It is not a thing grownups should say.)

I noticed the woman was wearing a backpack. I realized that I have often seen her walking around the neighborhood, wearing a backpack. I asked her why. She said she’s in training for hiking Spain this summer, getting used to carrying the weight. I asked her what was in the backpack, thinking it might be books or rocks or something else the same weight as her gear. She said it’s her gear, the same gear she’ll be carrying in Spain. Which makes more sense than my theory.

I wished her a good time and headed back up the hill.

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