Science fiction writer Steven Brust lays out the problems and contradictions inherent in trying to discuss the problems of US gun violence, much less solve them. Gun violence is tied with most of the other major problems with society: “desperation, anger, inadequate mental health care, living in a country where the government and the police see human life as without value, along with backwardness, intolerance, religious fanaticism, and other signs of a decaying society.  … When we see supposed liberals, who up until a month ago railed against the ‘terrorist watch’ no-fly list as racist, arbitrary, and undemocratic (all of which is true) now cheering wildly to increase the powers of the list, we can get a hint of how inter-related gun issues are with everything else.”

Brust’s post is short, worth reading and thinking about.

Hypothesis: the problem isn’t guns, it’s the saturation of guns. We’d be better off if more people chose not to exercise their Second Amendment rights. When people talk about buying guns for self-defense, it’s other people with guns they’re primarily interested in defending themselves from. It’s a vicious cycle — and the gun companies and NRA gets rich off of every turn of the wheel.

Contradictions Inherent in Changing Gun Laws

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