Why Sanders isn’t more electable than Clinton

I wrote this in response to a conversation elsewhere on the Internet:

I, personally, would vote for any Democrat against any Republican in this election, and would have no problem voting for Sanders. But the overwhelming majority of Americans would not agree with me.

Polls predicting Sanders would win against Trump aren’t useful because voters are still unfamiliar with Sanders. Clinton has been going easy on him for the same reason the Republican candidates went easy on Trump – she doesn’t want to alienate his supporters.

The Republicans have no such compunctions, and they will gleefully flaunt Sanders’ early membership in a Trostkyite socialist party, which called for the abolition of the military budget. That same party proclaimed solidarity with Iran during the hostage crisis. The Republicans will dig up Sanders’ past writings where he espoused child nudity, girls having sex with their boyfriends in defiance of parental wishes, and his opposition to private charity.

And those are just the facts. There are also rumors that Sanders went to Nicaragua in the 80s and joined a demonstration where they chanted, “Death to the Yankees!” And accusations that his wife ripped off the Catholic Church.

The Republicans would win against Sanders in a landslide of historic proportion. Any Republican candidate would do that. Even Donald Trump.

This Is What a Republican Attack on Bernie Sanders Would Look Like [Michelle Goldberg – Slate]


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