Inspiring story by Clay Cane at the Washington Post about how his mother protected him when he was a little boy who liked girl things:

Growing up, I worshiped all things “girly.” Today, children who self-express in that way might be politely, clinically described as “gender nonconforming.” But in the ’80s, the words you were more likely to hear were “soft,” “sissy,” “punk” and, of course, the ubiquitous homophobic slur “f–––––.” That’s the put-down that was first said — shouted, actually — to my face when I was 7 years old. It hurt.

There was nothing my mom, or any mother, could have done to prevent the experience — if you’re openly gay, it almost always happens eventually — but what she did before and after took some of the sting out.

He says he loved Star Wars but rewrote it in his mind so Princess Leia was the hero. That shouldn’t even be labeled “gender nonconforming.” Why shouldn’t Princess Leia be the hero?

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