I’m still liking TaskPaper after a day

That’s already a breakthrough. Sometimes I spent a few hours on the weekend configuring a new productivity app and it fails to survive even an hour on a workday.

Here’s a big thing I like about TaskPaper: Because it’s plain text I can just arrange things however I want. Put tags at the beginning of a task. Arrange tasks into projects or not. Change the order however I want. Go crazy.

Two significant drawbacks: It doesn’t automatically support dated tasks. I mean, you can add a date to a task, but it won’t automatically stay hidden until the appointed day and then magically appear in your task list when it’s time. I knew that when I started trying it. There are workarounds, and I can live with it.

The second drawback is more significant: Because my task list is just a text file that syncs with Dropbox, if I walk away from my desk and make a change on my iPhone or iPad, that change will likely result in desktop conflicts. The only workaround is like the old joke: “Doc, it hurts when I do this.” “So don’t do that.” I need to remember to close Taskpaper when I leave my desk. That’s too easy to forget. I can think of a couple of workarounds: Keep a separate “errands and chores” list for things I need to remember to when I’m away from my desk, and keep a separate inbox exclusively as a place to add tasks as they occur to me when I’m out and about.

Day two with TaskPaper is Tuesday.

14 thoughts on “I’m still liking TaskPaper after a day

  1. SocialDog

    K.B. Burnfield: +Mitch Wagner  I was just about to squeeze the trigger and but when I noticed the program hasn’t been updated since March and searching around in the forums I saw some mention of version 3.0. He’s posted a beta version and says it’s quite different:http://oldsupport.foldingtext.com/discussions/development-versions/210-taskpaper-3-dev-build-126I haven’t played with it yet.Have you played with the THEME elements yet? via plus.google.com

  2. SocialDog

    Mitch Wagner: +K.B. Burnfield Yeah, it’s an old program and updates are going slow. He’s working on something called Folding Text now. The program is very serviceable as is. And many text editors support the TaskPaper syntax, which is really quite simple. That’s part of its appeal. The power is in the search anyway. So my point is I wouldn’t let the slow development bother me. And I don’t. via plus.google.com


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