Mad Men: “I don’t care if he’s in bed with Joey Heatherton!”


It’s exhilarating and scary being out in the world as your authentic self, after putting up a facade for much of your life. That’s true even if you haven’t been hiding the fact that you grew up in a whorehouse. But once you’ve started doing it, you never want to go back. That’s what Don is doing now. He’s had mixed results: He lost his job and his wife, but gained back his daughter.

Don’s face going into that final meeting was scared and resolute, not an expression we’re used to seeing Don wear at all. His true self. In the words of a recovering addict on a different show – Nurse Jackie – “Is this it? Am I going to have feelings now?”

Why’d Don take the deal? He’s tired of running away and making a fresh start. He’s going to return to the mess he made and clean it up if he can. And besides, he’s no Peggy. He’ll eat Lou before breakfast. He knows this is a door that’s only going to open for him once, and even if it’s open the tiniest crack he can get all the way in.

Why was Joan such a bitch about him? He was always a friend to her. I think it’s a leftover of the way he treated her in the aftermath of the Jaguar deal, and the way that she sealed it. Also, she’s all businesswoman now.

Peggy’s bitchiness is more explainable — she’s just bitter to everyone now. They’ll have it out and be partners again.

Roger drunk is a Klingon in meetings.

Nice to see Betty back. “Why don’t they love me?” I don’t know, maybe because weird Oedipal Bobby was so happy to have his mother with him on a field trip and you threw it in his face?


Who was the girl in the bar? Was she just a setup from the other agency, as Don suggested?

Will Don and Roger peel off and start yet another agency? If so, who comes with them? Certainly the creative team, maybe even Pete, Harry is ready to go (and he’s had quite a transformation from the timid salaryman he was early in the season). Peggy? Joan? Or do they both go and start their own agency?

The clothes are just going to keep getting uglier and uglier, aren’t they? Funny: Back then, Don would have looked hopelessly square and out-of-date, but to our 21st Century eyes he’s the only one who doesn’t look ridiculous.

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