Immediate gratification, FTW!

I just ordered the $79 Kindle Wi-Fi after reading this convincing argument against touchscreens on dedicated ebook readers.

Shorter version of the argument: When you’re reading books, you don’t need to tap and swipe all over the screen, getting the display all shmutzy. The main thing you need to do is keep turning pages, and for that a hardware button does the job nicely.

Not mentioned in the article: I’d have to wait nearly two months for the Kindle Touch, but the Kindle Wi-Fi will get here Saturday.

2 thoughts on “Immediate gratification, FTW!

  1. Justin Bovington

    That ‘hardware button’ is also a relationship killer. Let me explain. I like to read in bed, I am sure you do too.

    Before my new Kindle came along, I was finger-swiping my books on my iPad. My wife hated it, as the glow of the screen was keeping her awake. So I thought, the new Kindle would help; a dim light next to the bed for screen illumination.

    First night, my wife says to me:

    “That’s even worse, now I can hear the ‘click’ of the button every time you turn a page!!?”.

    Moral of the story.

    e-books are not good in bed.


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