My two cents on the new Kindles

I expect the tablet will finally be the one to grab some serious market share from the iPad.

People talk about the “tablet market,” but there really is no “tablet market.” There are iPads, and then there are a million other tablets, none of which have sold any significant market share.

I expect the Kindle Fire will change that, because of the Amazon brand and the low price. I haven’t played with it myself, or read any credible reviews, so I can’t speak to the quality of the product — whether it’s a well-designed machine or shoddy merchandise like all the other iPad competitors. But Amazon did a great job on the Kindle, so we can be optimistic that the new tablet will be a good machine too.

We’d already decided Julie is getting a Kindle reader (she seems to be leaning that direction at the moment, rather than a tablet). She has trouble holding the iPad for long periods, because of its weight. Because mostly what she does on the iPad is read, a Kindle is a natural choice for her.

And I think I’ll get a Kindle reader too (not the tablet), for similar reasons. Unlike Julie, I am comfortable holding the iPad for long periods, but a lighter-weight and smaller device would be even more comfortable. Like Julie, I mostly use my iPad for reading. So a Kindle seems like a natural choice. I’d been holding out because of the price, and because the keyboard strikes me as a waste of real estate. Both of those problems seem to be fixed on the new Kindles. I’m not sure which model I’ll get, but I’m leaning toward holding out for the high end, which I think comes out in November (?).

All in all, an exciting announcement. And Apple’s new iPhone comes out next week! A great month for personal tech.

So far, of all the endless speculations about the iPhone announcement, this SplatF post seems to be the only one worth reading. It’s a short post, with three questions of things to watch out for. Two questions are interesting to me:

(1) Will Apple even mention iAd?

(2) Will there be an Apple TV announcement?

If there’s a new software update, I’ll be doing the happy dance. New software is always fun! If it’s new hardware, I’ll be a bit frustrated, since we just bought an Apple TV. But on the other hand, the Apple TV is cheap.

If Apple announces the rumored flatscreen Apple TV, well, I’ll just be weeping like a character in The Oatmeal, because we just shelled out large coin for a 52″ flatscreen TV and it’ll be at least seven years before we’re due to buy another one.

4 thoughts on “My two cents on the new Kindles

  1. Ken Houghton

    It’s nice that AMZN has decided to release its version of the Nook Color, a few months later. Though why anyone would think it will impact AAPL badly still amazes me.

    Then again, I don’t understand the idea that there is brand loyalty to AMZN, the AOL of the Noughts.

  2. Mitch Wagner Post author

    Amazon has a good selection of products, with good pricing, prompt delivery, good reliability, and they stand by what they sell. The Kindle is a good machine at a good price, What’s to be baffled about?

  3. Alan Seeger

    Regarding the use of an e-reader, I have Kindle software on my Droid phone and my Motorola Xoom tablet as well as my PC, and I find it interesting that I find myself reading on my phone about 80% of the time. Even Sammie, who has had a Kindle for a couple of years, has taken to reading on her Droid quite a bit. Weight is a significant factor.

  4. Mitch Wagner Post author

    The phone is good to read on. I read on my IPhone for years before getting an iPad; I might give it a try again now.


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