She’s still light-years better than the alternative. No contest.

I was disappointed the way the Clinton campaign handled her illness. I’d rather they disclosed Friday when she was diagnosed. But I’m mostly over it.

Her sickness changes nothing about the choice ahead. She’s still light-years better than her opponent. Trump is a bigot, a con man, willfully ignorant, a bully, a coward, enthusiastically supported by white supremacists, he has openly bragged about paying off politicians, he has never disclosed his own medical records or his financial records. And he speaks admiringly of brutal dictators.

Meanwhile, Clinton has pneumonia and SHE STILL SHOWS UP FOR WORK. She COLLAPSES from pneumonia and she’s back at work a couple of hours later. Goddamn right she’s a bitch.

2016 is looking like 1968, but 1968 was way worse 

Josh Marshall describes the similarities between two turbulent years.

Like Marshall, I’m white — obviously — but don’t identify politically as white. I have a pragmatic reason for that: I’m Jewish. White supremacists don’t consider Jews white; in their mythology, we’re the evil puppetmasters pulling the strings of the force of evil.