Smoking woman sprayed gasoline on customer who splashed her with windshield washer fluid

Kimberly Brinton was pumping gas and smoking a cigarette at a Pennsylvania convenience store. Another customer told her it isn’t safe to smoke around a gas pump, and splashed Brinton with windshield cleaner. Brinton responded by spraying gasoline on the other customer and threatening to light her on fire. The other customer slipped on the gasoline and broke her arm. Brinton was jailed on aggravated assault and other charges.

Surprised this wasn’t in Florida.

I’m OK going to a nudist restaurant so long as I can keep my cell phone

Restaurateur Seb Lyall is opening Bunyadi, a clothes-optional restaurant, in June. The waitlist is 16,000 names, says Peter Holley at the Washington Post.

The concept comes from Lollipop, a company behind several other unconventional dining experiences, such as drinking a smoothie with an owl and ABQ, a “Breaking Bad”-themed cocktail bar that invites guests to manufacture their own drinks in an RV using raw ingredients.