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How Sonny & Cher got their groove back

Sonny & Cher’s comeback: Sonny & Cher were world-famous and hugely successful in the 60s, but their career was on the skids in 1970. Despite their outrageous appearance, their lifestyle and music was squeaky-clean, and didn’t go over well with hippies. They resorted to playing lounge acts to hostile, middle-aged audiences, who heckled them. Cher started heckling back, Sonny scolded her, and she heckled him. The heckling became the best part of the act, and Hollywood noticed and gave them the “Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour.” [Cintra Wilson/Salon]

Unpacking Hobo Codes: The Pictographic Language of Train-Hopping Nomads

“With the spread of American train networks in the late 1800s, more and more hobos … tried their luck on the rails… leaving their marks along the way, including visual symbols scrawled or etched as messages to fellow travelers.” [Kurt Kohlstedt] 99percentinvisible.org…