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How Tumblr went from being the most porn-friendly social media site to banning porn [The Verge]

Tumblr once pushed porn as a feature of its platform. Now, under Verizon ownership, it’s banning porn.

Earlier I said Verizon’s recent decision is bullshit because banning porn leads to banning content about LGBTQ rights and lactation. It also leads to blocking content about contraception, sex education, sex worker advocacy, trans rights and other issues.

But the porn ban is also bullshit because we don’t need, or want, Verizon protecting us from porn. Nope. We can avoid porn on our own if we want, and if we want to look at porn, it’s none of Verizon’s business.

The decision doesn’t even make sense from a business standpoint. Porn filters could solve whatever problem Verizon is looking to solve.

I enjoy sharing midcentury ads and photos, particularly from the 70s. These are entirely G-rated and wholesome (maybe the occasional PG-rated image for the 70s. The entire decade of the 70s was PG at best.) I get a lot of them from Tumblr blogs. And two of my favorite Tumblr blogs for those things also run porn. I hope those guys don’t disappear because of Tumblr’s decision.