An ad-man turned teacher recommends Starbucks VIA instant coffee

Ben Rothfeld on Cool Tools: “Since I switched careers from advertising to teaching, I only miss two things (besides the money): being able to go to the bathroom whenever I want and the coffee.” It’s not great coffee, or even good coffee, but it’s good enough and predictable in a pinch, he says.

A comrade-in-business-travel told me recently that she carries VIA in her luggage for similar reasons.

When I’m out of the house, I just drink whatever’s available. You can make just about anything drinkable by adding non-dairy creamer and Splenda.

And I know the coffee snobs will hate me for saying this, but Starbucks Pikes Place and Veranda coffees are actually very good. I drink good coffee black, no sugar, and that’s how I drink those Starbucks blends. Just don’t order “coffee black,” there without specifying a blend; that stuff is awful.

Starbucks says it’ll block porn on its public Wi-Fi next year [The Verge]

Starbucks is succumbing to pressure and putting porn filters on its public WiFi. An organization called Enough is Enough has been giving Starbucks grief for failing to protect its customers from porn. Enough is Enough says that public WiFi networks “are attracting pedophiles and sex offenders” and put children at risk. This sounds like bullshit to me from people looking to enrich themselves by scaring parents.