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A woman remembers her father, a closeted gay man who died of AIDS in 1992

Whitney Joiner talks to Anna Sales at the Death, Sex & Money podcast:

Whitney Joiner was 13 when her father Joe told her he was HIV-positive. He said he hoped to see her graduate from high school. Five months later, he was dead. It was rural Kentucky in 1992, and Whitney and her family thought it was best to keep quiet.

Whitney never learned how her father contracted the disease. After his funeral, her mother heard from a mutual friend that he’d secretly gone to gay clubs. As a teenager, Whitney had wondered if he were gay. She’d even asked him, but he denied it. His denial was a relief at the time. Now, she wishes she had more answers.

Pew: 13% of Americans don’t use the internet. Who are they?

Older, less educated, and rural Americans are less likely to be online.

About 2/5 of adults age 65 and older don’t use the Internet, compared with only 1% of 18-29-year olds, says Pew Research. Also, the less educated you are, the more likely you are to not use the Internet — about a third of adults with less than high school education don’t use the Internet. And rural Americans are twice as likely to not go online.

Marie Manning wanted to be a crime reporter. Instead, she invented the advice column.

Fresh out of finishing school, with a name that appeared on the social registry of Washington D.C.’s debutante parties, Marie Manning was fascinated by true crime stories. She got a job as a newspaper reporter in 1892, but was soon sidelined to the “Hen Coop” to work on the “women’s page.” There, they received letters from people looking for advice, and Manning cooked up the idea to run the letters and answers as a regular column.


POWAY, Calif. – A man who claims 1,700 kickballs from a neighboring elementary school have hit his house, destroyed his property and even killed his dog sent a disturbing message to parents Thursday.

Scott Rings posted a large sign on the Midland Elementary School fence bordering his yard that states, “Your basketball killed my dog.” He also strung up nearly 100 deflated balls on the fence and a picture of the dead dog.

Rings says he hung the sign to inform parents and teachers of his ten-year battle with the Poway Unified School District.

“I have no animosity towards the kids, never blamed the kids for the 1,700 balls,” Rings said. “I always blamed the district and the school for negligence.”

But many parents who heard about the sign say they are concerned for the safety of their children.

He says his dog died of shock two years ago.

Man accuses students of killing his dog with their kickballs – Shelly Wilford, Fox 5