When a trans man loves a cis woman

Death, Sex & Money podcast – College Sweethearts: Transformed:

Liam Lowery and Marisa Carroll have a charming, if almost archetypal, New York love story. They were college students. Liam had been crushing on her for a while, and one day, he spotted her on the subway. They came to his stop. And he stayed on the train. That led to coffee, Facebook flirting, making out, and as Liam says, fantastic sex.

When they got together, Liam identified as trans, but didn’t yet have that scruff on his cheeks. Soon after they began dating, he started taking testosterone, and he had surgery to remove his breasts last spring. While Marisa had considered herself a straight woman prior to dating Liam, they are, together, in a queer relationship. And as of this Thanksgiving, in a queer marriage.

Lowery says no one other than a medical professional had seen him naked until he met Carroll. Not even himself — when he bathed, he’d get in the shower and scrub himself as fast as he could without looking.