Cory Doctorow has a fine rant about hotel rooms with confusing lightswitches and plumbing

The quest for the well-labeled inn. [Boing Bong]

I can usually figure out the plumbing fairly quickly. Unlike Cory, virtually all my travel is inside the US, which I expect makes a difference. I’ve never had to deal with a freakshow shower like the one in the photo he posts..

I share Cory’s frustration with lightswitches. I just want to turn out the light and go to bed; I don’t want to go on a goddamn treasure hunt trying to figure out where the switches are.

Not mentioned by Cory: Hotel rooms with inaccessible electrical sockets. This is the 21st Century – we need plenty of electrical sockets to plug in our gadgets, and we need to be able to get at them without moving the furniture. You know what we don’t need? A clock radio. It’s not 1980 anymore. We use our phones to wake us up. If you put in a clock radio, you might as well also include a candlestick phone and Franklin stove.

“My Heroic and Lazy Stand Against IFTTT”

Imagine if your sewer pipe started demanding that you make major changes in your diet.

Now imagine that it got a lawyer and started asking you to sign things.

You would feel surprised.

This is the position I find myself in today with IFTTT, a form of Internet plumbing that has been connecting peaceably to my backend for the past five years, but which has recently started sending scary emails.

Maciej Ceglowski, who develops the excellent online bookmarking service says IFTTT, an Internet service that connects things to other things, wants him to use a proprietary API to connect his thing ( to their thing (IFTTT). They’re requiring him to agree to onerous terms of service, too, he says.

In a nutshell:

IFTTT wants me to do their job for them for free

They have really squirrely terms of service

Ceglowski is an excellent writer, and this is an outstanding rant. I’m keeping my pitchfork and torch at the ready, but waiting to hear what IFTTT has to say before I brandish them.

I’ve been using Pinboard for years, and using Pinboard in conjunction with IFTTT almost as long. I’d dislike for them to have a falling out.

My Heroic and Lazy Stand Against IFTTT [Maciej Ceglowski – Pinboard Blog]