Trump makes it easy to forget what a dumpster fire all the other GOP nomination hopefuls were

Rick Santorum said pregnancy from rape is a “gift from God” and compared gay relationships to “man-on-dog” sex — and he signed a pledge saying that African-Americans had it better during slavery.

He’s not an aberration, either. The whole cadre of GOP presidential nomination hopefuls were a bumper-crop of absolute terribleness: Rick Perry’s summer hunting camp is called “Niggerhead” and he pledged to eliminate three cabinet-level government agencies, but couldn’t remember which ones. He is a young-Earth Creationist, an anonymous GOP governor once said that Perry was “like George W Bush, but without the brains.”

Bobby Jindal named himself after a character on the Brady Bunch and bankrupted Louisiana by cutting taxes on the wealthy. Carly Fiorina is a climate-change denier who tanked HP and thinks Planned Parenthood sells foetal organs. Rand Paul wants to eliminate environmental and civil rights legislation and eliminate welfare. Scott Walker said he could be trusted to fight Isis because he’d defeated Wisconsin’s teachers’ unions. Chris Christie is basically a mafia don, but not a competent one. Jeb Bush thinks that health insurance can be eliminated by giving people Apple watches and that poverty can be solved by everyone “working longer hours.”

Source: Boing Boing (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0). Thanks, Cory!

Rand Paul’s White House campaign stumbles

The Kentucky Senator backed Greg Brannon in the Republican primary for North Carolina Senate; Brannon finished a distant second.

Paul had put his growing party clout on the line at an appearance on Monday with Brannon, whom he praised as a “hero” despite his history of provocative statements like calling President Barack Obama a fascist and contending the constitutional right to bear arms extends to nuclear weapons.

Paul has problems with social conservatives because of his view that abortion laws shouldn’t change until public opinion shifts. And foreign policy hawks are uncomfortable with his opposition to foreign intervention.

For Rand Paul, a stumble on road to 2016 White House bid – Yahoo News