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Digitizing history

The New York Times is using Google AI to digitize 5-7 million historical photos.

The newspaper’s “morgue” has 5 million to 7 million photos dating back to the 1870s, including prints and contact sheets showing all the shots on photographers’ rolls of film. The Times is using Google’s technology to convert it into something more useful than its current analog state occupying banks of filing cabinets.

Specifically, it’s using Google AI tools to recognize printed or handwritten text describing the photos and Google’s storage and data analysis services, the newspaper said. It plans to investigate whether object recognition is worthwhile, too.

[Stephen Shankland/CNET]

Picture this

Apple doesn’t understand photography

Apple thinks photography still means going off on vacation and pulling together albums. Instead, we take photos of receipts, leaflets, tiny text that we want to blow up to readable size, and more. Apple needs to get better at how people use cameras in real life.

Is Android better at this? Google Photos is not.

[Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten/The Next Web]

Amazon patents photographing things against a white background

I am not really sure how to tag this other than a big #fail for the USPTO, or a huge Kudos for Amazon’s IP attorneys. In a patent simply called Studio arrangement Amazon took IP ownership on what we all call shooting against a seamless white backdrop.

From the company that previously patented one-click buying.

You Can Close The Studio, Amazon Patents Photographing On Seamless White – DIY Photography