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Tidelift Raises $25M for Open Source, Led By Former Red Hat Boss Matthew Szulik

Tidelift’s business model seems to be gig economy for open source development — building an open source development team without having the developers on the company payroll. Will this make software development as crappy as driving for Uber? https://www.lightreading.com/tidelift-raises-$25m-for-open-source-led-by-former-red-hat-boss-matthew-szulik/d/d-id/748694

Growing Pains: For Organizations Moving to Open Source, It’s a Tough Transition

Organizations transitioning to open source need to learn both self-sufficiency and how to work with open source communities. And to grow a thick skin against criticism. [Me] https://www.lightreading.com/open-source/growing-pains-for-organizations-moving-to-open-source-its-a-tough-transition/d/d-id/748553?

AT&T: What Is ‘open source,’ anyway?

Me, Light Reading:

Companies evaluating open source technology need to be careful that they get all the open source benefits. That’s sometimes tricky, which is why AT&T has defined “three key characteristics of open source software that we consider paramount,” says Greg Stiegler, AT&T assistant vice president of cloud.