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Jack Dorsey, Posting About Myanmar on Twitter, Is Accused of Being Tone Deaf [Mike Ives/The New York Times]

By visiting Myanmar for a meditation retreat, and tweeting about how wonderful the experience was, Jack Dorsey is lending financial support to a genocidal country. And speaking of tone-deaf, the Times headline makes it appear that Dorsey is being accused of merely being impolite, rather than supporting genocide, or at least ignoring it.


Myanmar sentences tourist to three months’ hard labor for pulling plug on Buddhist chants

30-year-old Dutch tourist Klaas Haijtema says he thought the loudspeaker was a bunch of kids playing loud music and disturbing his sleep, so he unplugged it. He was sentenced to three months’ hard labor and fined $80. His lawyer says the Buddhist monks were the ones breaking the law by using loudspeakers after 9 pm. Even the Buddhist center’s neighbors say the place is too darn loud. (Saw Nang, The New York Times)