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Today’s creative writing REVISED: 97 words, 5,986 total, on “The Reluctant Magician”

I was brushing my teeth feeling bad about having broken my uninterrupted writing streak after, what, only five days? Then I remembered the ground rules I’d set for myself at the beginning: Do some creative writing every day. Even if it’s just a few words.

Later I revised that to a 500 word minimum. But 500 words isn’t the REQUIREMENT. It’s just a GOAL. Just a few words every day is the requirement.

So I sat down again and wrote a few words.

And now to bed. Busy day at work tomorrow. Um, today.

Today’s creative writing: Revised beginning of “The Reluctant Magician.” Total 5,130 words

I have changed my vision for both the main female character and the villain, and I wanted to go back and make what I’ve written so far fit that vision.

The alternative is writing notes to myself and going back to the beginning and revising when I get to the second draft. I’ve done that before on previous novels. It’s a slog. This way seems more fresh and lively.

What I’m doing is dangerous. I could end up revising and revising and never adding new material. But I’m making up my writing technique as I go (as well as making up the writing itself, of course).

Someone on Twitter asked me today about my creative writing technique, whether I write major scenes first or write in order. I said this time around I did a 3,000-word outline and from that I’m writing scenes in order.

On previous novels I wrote without an outline. I just wrote scenes in order. But that was like pulling teeth.

I’m trying to get to the point where creative writing is just something I do every day, with no drama. Like BRUSHING teeth, rather than pulling them.

Today’s creative writing: Merging more material from old draft into new, wrote a few original grafs. 4,595 words total.

I found the voice of the female main character. I had been writing her as a manipulative bimbo until now, but then her voice got about deeper, she got about 15 years older, she told the villain he was a jackass while he was armed and surrounded by a half-dozen henchmen and she was unarmed and alone, and she made him stand for it.