She’s pretty, but she doesn’t have much personality

I was pulling in to the parking lot when I saw this willowy blonde at the curb holding a sign advertising a local business. I took a second look to appreciate the view. I thought, “Wow, she’s standing awfully still.”

I asked her if it would be OK if I took her picture and she didn’t say anything or even acknowledge I was talking with her. So I guess it’s all right.


Minnie tortures me


Sometimes, we don’t want Minnie in the house getting underfoot and doing damage. So we lock her out of the house and let her have the run of the deck and backyard.

In this photo, I’m inside, looking out through the door to the deck. Minnie is watching me and the door, waiting to be let back in.

Totes adorbs


Totes adorbs car camper trailer has plenty of space to sleep one, or two if you’re cozy.

I saw this in the parking lot at Lake Murray.

Jangly Saturday

I was feeling jangly Saturday. Restless and fidgety and nothing I could think to do seemed satisfactory.

So I decided to go for a very long walk with Minnie. We usually go three miles, to the park, partway around Lake Murray, and back. Saturday I decided we should go as far around the lake as you can go, to the chain-link fence that bars the way to the dam. That was eight miles. It tired me out nicely. I thought it would tire Minnie out, but nope. As soon as I let her off the leash in the backyard, she ran around in circles as fast as she could for 10 minutes.

I took this photo at the halfway point, at the fence that blocks the way to the dam, before turning around and retracing our steps home.

I did not touch the bulls-eye so I guess it doesn’t count.

Not posed. I found it this way

Gratuitous arty photo of a girl’s pink Croc on a post at Lake Murray, with a fire pit in the background and a red post to one side.

Not posed. I found it this way.

Gratuitous animated GIF of geese blocking the path at Lake Murray

If I were alone I would just walk right through them, but I had Minnie on the leash and each goose is as big as she is, and Minnie doesn’t have the sense to not antagonize them. So I just went around.

I only see the geese on the path when they have goslings with them. I think the goslings go there to feed and the geese stay with them to keep them out of trouble.