Meet Ceara Lynch, professional humiliation fetishist

Thank you, Princess [Love + Radio (podcast)]

Ceara Lynch has a ten year career as a self-described humiliatrix, catering to a wide variety of sexual fetishes over the internet, and gaining exposure to a unique part of the human psyche.

Perhaps the weirdest thing of all: In this interview, where she’s being herself, out of character, she seems … nice. Warm, funny, even compassionate. She humiliates men for money, but the men enjoy it.

She doesn’t say whether she has kids. If she does, I expect she sits out Career Day at school.

Confessions of a sesquipedalean hustler

Musician, former boxing promoter, and self-described “hustler” Charles Farrell tells his story to the Love + Radio podcast:

Charles Farrell was born to a sophisticated middle class family in Boston, but at age 12, he left home and came of age on the street, joining “low-life culture”, the underbelly of boxing, and avant-garde piano playing.

Farrell says all his life as a hustler he’s trained himself to look for vulnerabilities in other people and take advantage of them, but he’s reformed now. He also says that’s exactly what a hustler would say.

Taylor Rose Nations was one of about 1,000 people selected as a finalist for Mars One, a planned real life Martian colony

Pasted_Image_4_24_16__1_39_PM“To turn around and see Earth is a lifelong dream, and not something I ever thought was going to happen in a million years,” she tells the Love + Radio podcast: Hostile Planet

Nations was previously turned down for “The Bachelor.”

We think of certain events as profoundly life-altering. Getting married or emigrating to a new country, say. But you can always get divorced, and you can almost always move back. Taylor is weighing a life decision from which there would be no turning back.

She apparently didn’t make it to the final round for Mars One.

In the final years of the Cold War, a scared 19-year-old German landed a Cessna in Moscow’s Red Square

Pasted_Image_4_24_16__1_21_PMMathias Rust wanted to create an “imaginary bridge” bringing East and West closer together. Things didn’t quite work out for him. He tells his story to Love + Radio.

In 1987, during the last years of the Cold War, a West German teenager with only about 50 hours of flying experience rented a Cessna and departed on a two week trip. His goal was to fly over the Iron Curtain and land in Moscow.

Rust’s Wikipedia entry contradicts the story he tells to Love + Radio in a couple of minor but significant points.

Don’t hang up

Listen with headphones on

On the Love + Radio podcast: A woman calls a dating phone line only to find it’s more of a phone sex line.

I listened to this while walking in the park, as I usually do with podcasts. The first part I was self-conscious because I was essentially listening to phone sex in public, even though I had my earbuds in and no one could hear it. Then I was self-conscious because I was laughing so hard.