First impressions of the iPhone 7 Plus, after a few days

It feels like a real computer. Almost everything I do on my MacBook Air, I can do on my iPhone. Not as fast, but I can do it in situations where a full-size laptop is impractical.

Will it replace my iPad Mini? We’ll see. Ask me again in a couple of months. I haven’t touched the mini since I got the iPhone 7 Plus Thursday. I’m starting to think when I’m ready to replace the MacBook Air in 18 months, I might go for an iMac and 13″ iPad Pro. That’d be pretty expensive, so maybe I better just keep thinking.

Battery life is fantastic. I can start at 7 am, go a whole day to 11:30 pm, never plug in, and finish with about 40% battery.

I bought the matte black color phone, rather than the fancier jet black. I heard the jet black would scratch. I like the matte black.

No headphone jack? Don’t care. I’m all bluetooth all the time — have been for more than a year.

I’m fine with the missing home button. I’ve already gotten used to the haptic vibration that replaces it. And the home button on my old iPhone 6 was getting a little shaky, indicating that the reduction of moving parts might improve durability.

Waterproof! I won’t have to put my iPhone in an ugly-ass baggy when I take it out in the rain anymore.

Most people seem to ignore 3D Touch, some people love it. I’m definitely in the “love it” camp.

I love the haptic touch. For example, when you use a spinner, like a date picker or the weight counter in Lose It, the action feels like a real, mechanical spinner.

The phone is only slightly wider than the iPhone 6, but it’s much taller. It mostly fits inside the phone pocket of my cargo pants and shorts. That makes me happy. I like that phone pocket.