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Clemson expels Harambe

Clemson bans Harambe memes for promoting ‘rape culture,’ ‘racism’ – Caleb Ecarma, Campus Reform

I make Harambe jokes here, but I figure people can either choose to follow me on the Internet or not. I wouldn’t post Harambe memes in public spaces in the real world.

But I’m not a college undergraduate. When I was an undergrad, I made some appalling jokes I would not make or even describe today.

Someone on Ruby Tuesday’s earnings call pretended to be Bud Fox from ‘Wall Street’ and asked about Harambe

Bob Bryan, Business Insider:

We’ve seen some crazy things on earnings calls before, but this has to take the cake.

During Ruby Tuesday’s second-quarter earnings call, an unidentified caller posed as Bud Fox, Charlie Sheen’s character from the movie “Wall Street,” and asked CEO JJ Buettgen if the burger chain’s business had been affected by the death of Harambe.

Harambe was the gorilla living at the Cincinnati Zoo that was shot and killed after a child fell into its habitat. The gorilla has since become a popular meme.

The caller even said they worked for the Geneva Roth Holding Corporation, a fictional company from “Wall Street.”

Earnings calls are almost always deathly dry, with the exception of Cisco when John Chambers was running things. But even Chambers never went dicks-out for Harambe.

I would die from joy if something like this ever happened on a call I was on.