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The next prime minister of the UK will have a no-win job: Option A is pull the trigger on Brexit, in which case you’re leading the country on a disastrous policy that even its erstwhile supporters aren’t enthusiastic about anymore, and which could lead to the UK going the way of the USSR.

Option B is defy the will of the electorate and reject Brexit.

I wonder whether Boris Johnson saw the odds and said screw it I’ll be the Prime Minister AFTER the unlucky bastard who presides over that train wreck.

Having started this mess, Cameron had an obligation to see it through, and his resignation was — as we dignified journalist types say — a dick move.

Former London mayor Boris Johnson says he will not run for British prime minister

[Griff Witte – The Washington Post]

Archeological find from Roman Britain

London Calling: Oldest Handwritten Documents In British History Discovered [Camila Domonoske – NPR]

The 2,000-year-old tablets “were unearthed in London’s financial district during excavation work for a new building.” They contain notes about daily life in Roman Britain, as well as the aftermath of the unsuccessful revolt led by Queen Boudica.


An artist has been threatened with a lawsuit if she sells a painting of Donald Trump nude with a small penis. [Patrick Greenfield – The Guardian]

An infamous nude of Donald Trump has attracted bids of over £100,000 after it went on display at the Maddox Gallery in Mayfair, London, last week, but the artist is being anonymously threatened with legal action if she sells it, due to its resemblance to the Republican presidential hopeful.

The piece by Illma Gore, titled Make America Great Again, depicts Trump with a small penis. It went viral in February after the artist published it on her Facebook page and has since been censored on social media sites and delisted from eBay after the anonymous filing of a Digital Millennium Copyright Act notice threatening to sue Gore.

The Maddox Gallery in London offered to exhibit the painting after galleries in the US refused to host the piece due to security concerns following threats of violence from Trump’s supporters.

There’s a reproduction of the painting at the link above. I haven’t put it here because nobody wants to see a picture of Donald Trump with his Carlos Danger hanging out unless they’ve been warned first.

Trump is abusing the law, with no apparent grounds for a DMCA claim. And sending thugs out to threaten people who criticize or ridicule the candidate is not how we’re supposed to do things in the USA.

Early Beatles gig featuring 18 “very bored” people


It was 1961, and a friend booked the gig in the Palais Ballroom, Aldershot, Hampshire. The Beatles and their friend, Sam Leach, hoped to attract the attention of London record executives, but Leach didn’t realize Aldershot was a military town 37 miles outside London.

Also, the ad that Leach paid to have in local papers never showed up because Leach paid with a check instead of cash and didn’t provide contact information.

Dec. 9, 1961, the Beatles in Aldershot [Alex Q. Arbuckle – Retronaut]