Raping while drunk

The Stanford sex offender’s beliefs about sexual assault are surprisingly widespread

For many college kids, forcing another person to have sex against their will sometimes isn’t rape. Particularly when one or both people have been drinking.

Meanwhile, here in the world of sane people, forcing someone to have sex against their will is the actual definition of rape. And one or both people being drunk doesn’t make it better. It makes it worse.

You are still responsible for the things you do when you are drunk.

[Danielle Paquette/The Washington Post]

Animal house

The University of Virginia 200 years ago was seen as a “playground for the rich and violent” [Backstory podcast]

Thomas Jefferson wanted to the university to be an entirely secular institution, without any religious component, but ironically it’s only during the 19th Century American religious Great Awakening that college students got serious.

Over the course of American history, college has gone from ecclesiastical training for ministers to vocational school.