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“This Election Is Testing The Republican Loyalties Of Military Voters”

I’m not sure about the headline on this story on FiveThirtyEight. The article shows military voters are still staunchly Republican, even though the one veteran quoted prominently is unenthusiastic about both Clinton and Trump.

That veteran opposes Obama because Obama has cut military spending drastically — which is one of the best things Obama has done. Sure, the military is the most important thing the government does, but we don’t need a Cold War sized military when the threats against us aren’t Cold War magnitude. Every dollar the government spends on military is a dollar not being spent on something else, and increases military domination over civilian society.


Pasted_Image_4_24_16__1_21_PMMathias Rust wanted to create an “imaginary bridge” bringing East and West closer together. Things didn’t quite work out for him. He tells his story to Love + Radio.

In 1987, during the last years of the Cold War, a West German teenager with only about 50 hours of flying experience rented a Cessna and departed on a two week trip. His goal was to fly over the Iron Curtain and land in Moscow.

Rust’s Wikipedia entry contradicts the story he tells to Love + Radio in a couple of minor but significant points.