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Microsoft Putting Edge on Chromium Will Fundamentally Change the Web [Owen Williams/Motherboard]

Microsoft putting Edge on Chromium isn’t just about the browser. It’s about making Web apps that do a better job integrating with the operating system — like Electron apps, or MacOS Marzipan apps, but better.

Interesting. Until reading this article I thought Edge on Chromium was a yawner, because I don’t see any reason to switch to Edge. But this puts a new face on it.


A handy Keyboard Maestro macro from Federic Viticci, for those of us who have uninstalled Flash from our Macs but need to watch the occasional Flash video. I had an app to do this, but a Keyboard Maestro macro is simpler.


Google is introducing a read-later service to compete with Instapaper, Pocket. But it’s half-baked. [Ben Woods – The Next Web]

Google released a “Save to Google” extension for Chrome. I gave it a spin. The repository was hard to navigate, and won’t let you search the full text of saved articles. Also, I’ve seen no mention of being able to save pages from a phone or tablet.

Read-later services are one of those areas where I’m never satisfied, and continually rotate between Instapaper, Pocket, and Pinboard. Right now I’m on Pinboard.