My scary cancer scare

You may recall not too long ago I was going on at great TMI length about my colonoscopy.

Today I went in for a follow-up consultation. The doctor said that he found two “precancerous” polyps, which he cut out. 

 And that means (says the doctor) I would have gotten cancer if I had put the procedure off any longer. Colon cancer. Not one of the good cancers. But I did not. They caught it in time. No cancer. Yay me. 

He’s going to have me in for a few additional tests over the course of the next year. I have a family history of cancer, and between that and the polyps, he wants to be extra-careful. Which I think is a dandy idea.

If you’re over 50, and you haven’t gotten a colonoscopy, do it. And do whatever else you need to do to take care of yourself. Because cancer is even worse than sitting through a “Two and a Half Men” marathon. 

The past two hours have been emotionally fraught. Something awful almost happened to me. But it didn’t. So now I guess I’ll finish posting this and have lunch.