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In Catskills, Resort’s Death Darkens the View

The closing of one of the last Catskill resorts 20 years ago left its 400-plus employees struggling. David W. Chen writes in a 1998 article at https://www.nytimes.com/1998/11/22/nyregion/in-catskills-resort-s-death-darkens-the-view.html:

It wasn’t supposed to end this way. Not this personally. Not this jarringly.

Everyone knew that the legendary Concord Resort Hotel in the Catskills was past its prime, unable to bring the tourists back to what was once the crown jewel of the resort area. Everyone knew that the hotel was in financial distress and desperate to attract buyers.

Still, when the Concord closed on Nov. 3 after 61 years under the same family, the shutdown hurt more than anyone could have imagined. More than 400 people lost their jobs, including many who had scraped by as full-time workers for 40 years at this hotel in Sullivan County. About 60 employees who had been living in the hotel suddenly became homeless and found their next meal at a soup kitchen. And everyone, it seemed, began flooding local employment and welfare offices, looking for guidance and help.

End of an era.