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Slow Burn

I’ve been listening to season 2 of the Slow Burn podcast, which covers the impeachment of Bill Clinton.. It’s tough listening. Everybody involved in that conflict comes off as a shitheel.

Bill Clinton is a self-involved egotist, who can’t resist chasing skirt even when he knows his enemies are going to come after him for it.

The Republicans are lousy hypocrites. Half of them were having extramarital sex on the side even as they condemned that same behavior in Clinton. All of them are still around 20 years later and fawning over Trump, who has all of Clinton’s flaws and none of his virtues.

Ken Starr, in particular, is a sanctimonious prick, who has demonstrated willingness to cover up sex abuse scandal when it suits him to do so. Bill Bennett, who preached old-fashioned virtues, turned out to be a gambling addict.

Until literally a few weeks go, I saw Lewinsky as a victim and admired her public stance against bullying. But then she came out with a documentary about the Clinton affair. That was a few weeks ago, and when I saw it on the news I said enough already. Do something else with your life, Monica. Get famous for doing something else, or just stop talking in public and be a private person.

Monica was no child in 1998. She was in her early 20s. Old enough to make her own decisions, and suffer the consequences for them.

Lewinsky was loyal to the Clintons, and they repaid her loyalty by trashing her. Bill and Hillary are both guilty of that.

The Clintons were and are indeed targets of a “vast right wing conspiracy,” as Hillary Clinton says. But they feed that conspiracy by their paranoid, secretive ways.

Obama had a better approach – be transparent, and above reproach. Obama revealed himself a master of transparency during his first Presidential campaign when he wrote a memoir that said he was a heavy drug user in college, thus preventing his opponents from revealing this story themselves and putting their own spin on it. The punchline of that story is that the New York Times interviewed some of his former classmates and they said, nah, not that heavy. Barry did a little blow at parties now and then just to be social, and smoked a joint now and again, but he wasn’t heavily into the scene at all.

The only people who come off as admirable are a few Clinton staffers, all of them women, iirc. And they’re furious with Bill Clinton — here they are, working all hours and sacrificing their personal lives for a cause they believe in, and Bill Clinton is squandering all that for a frivolous sexual dalliance.

And by the way, I do believe that Bill Clinton didn’t inhale. He’s not trying to escape responsibility, he acknowledges having tried to smoke pot but said he was physically unable to do so. Part of the reason I believe the story is that I know another guy who did exactly the same thing.

Because that’s worked so well so far

Trump Allies Keen To Discuss Bill Clinton Infidelities Despite Debate ‘Restraint’ – Allegra Kirkland, Talking Points Memo

Hope they do! The American people don’t care. It just makes Trump looks petty and reenforces concerns about his temperament.

The American public has known since the Gennifer Flowers revelation in 1992 that Bill is a horndog and frankly a douche when it comes to women. Or was. And that Hillary looked the other way. The American people elected him to the Presidency twice since then, elected her to the Senate, and gave her the Democratic nomination.

So yeah by all means keep hitting on that infidelity thing, Republicans. It’s been working well for you so far.

Whose side was she on? ‘American Heiress’ revisits Patty Hearst’s kidnapping

Author Jeffrey Toobin describes the 1974 kidnapping and its aftermath in a new book, “American Heiress.” Terry Gross interviews Toobin on the Fresh Air podcast:

Hearst was eventually captured by the FBI, convicted of bank robbery and sentenced to seven years in federal prison. She served 22 months before President Jimmy Carter commuted her sentence. Later, President Bill Clinton pardoned her.

Toobin calls the presidential actions on Hearst’s behalf an example of “wealth and privilege in action.”

“The fact that she got these two presidential gestures of forgiveness is the purest example of privilege on display that frankly I have ever seen in the criminal justice system,” Toobin says.


Loretta Lynch, who is heading up the Clinton mailgate investigation, was appointed to a plum job by the investigation subject’s husband. They’re so cozy they visit and swap stories about grandkids. Lynch’s boss is one of the investigation subject’s top campaign surrogates.

People get excused from jury duty for less conflict of interest.

How everyone looks bad because Bill Clinton met with Loretta Lynch

[Dan Balz/The Washington Post]

Hugh Hewitt endorses the “127 Hours” option

HUGH HEWITT: Republican Party should dump Donald Trump at the convention [Allan Smith – Business Insider]

[Conservative radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt came to that conclusion after what he called the worst 72 hours for the party in more than 15 years.

“The worst 72 hours for the Republican Party since 2000 when the George W. Bush DUI was dropped,” he said on his program, adding, “We’re going to get killed. We’re going to get killed.”

Hewitt noted that no Republican has ever defeated a Clinton, and Trump isn’t the guy who’s going to do it, unless Trump shapes up and starts acting Presidential.


Includes the Challenger explosion, Hands Across America, young Ian McKellen and Bill Clinton, and more. Hell of a year.

I worked the swing shift then – afternoon to past midnight – and often got up at noon. I heard about the Challenger explosion on Howard Stern, which was an unusual place to receive news like that.

I covered Hands Across America for the daily newspaper I then worked for. I got on a school bus with a bunch of other adults and families, rode an hour or so to the point where the line was closest to our community, got in the line, held hands for a minute or so, broke handholding, then got back on the bus and went back home. I wrote a solemn article about how wonderful and spiritual the experience was for all participating, working together to stamp out … well, whatever it was that we were protesting against.

In reality, here’s what happened: I fell in with a group of layabouts on the bus and we had a hilarious time drinking on the way out. After the bus stopped, we found a bar near the Hands Across America route and drank some more. Then a couple of minutes before the event, we said oh fuck and ran out and held hands with the line and then went back into the bar and had a further hilarious time until it was time to get back on the bus and continue hilarious drinking from our mobile headquarters.

I should have written that story.

“Monica Lewinsky Blames the Internet”

“Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky … broke her silence with a personal essay for Vanity Fair this month. In it, she posits, “thanks to the Drudge Report, I was … possibly the first person whose global humiliation was driven by the Internet.”

Monica Lewinsky was a victim, but “The Internet” isn’t to blame. She was victimized by a witch hunt led by Matt Drudge, the Republican party, and the pervert Kenneth Starr. She is blameless in this matter.

Now I’m waiting for the first person to step forward to say she was not blameless — she is guilty of having sex with a married man and does not deserve our sympathy. Or she does deserve our sympathy, but….

Monica Lewinsky Blames the Internet”