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This Very ’70s Penthouse Apartment Is Truly Stunning 

Kelly Faircloth, Jezebel:

If you found yourself watching the final seasons of Mad Men and really vibing with Don Draper’s swinging Manhattan bachelor pad, here is the apartment for you.

The Daily Mail points to a listing that recently popped up on Zillow. It’s for a Chicago penthouse, 1,877 square feet, listed at $158,000 by Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Starck Real Estate. It was built in 1972 and apparently hasn’t been changed since, and frankly it is magnificent.



Walk through Don Draper’s apartment as if you were Don himself, only sober.


Inspired by the 1965 book Decoration USA, by Jose Wilson and Arthur Leaman, and the bestselling books of Betty Pepis, this is pop design, no high modernist masterpiece. It’s about pretending you’re happy, rather than about civilisation. In a small indicator of depravity, the living room is over twice the size of the dining room. Who cares about table manners when your wife is half your age?

Perhaps the most retro design decision, one that would never be made today, is screening off the kitchen from the living and dining spaces. Thanks to the popularity of the island, today’s kitchens are about public performance. This kitchen, which neither Don nor Megan spend much time in, was designed for efficiency. The most social thing about it is the bar which Draper, in his spiral into alcoholism, utilizes often.

Via Curbed, from whence I stole the joke.