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Donald Trump’s apparent coziness with anti-Semites is difficult to reconcile with Jared and Ivanka Trump. Jared is the grandson of a Holocaust survivor, and Ivanka converted to Judaism to marry him. They’re not just Jews – they’re Orthodox Jews, who observe the Sabbath every Saturday. And they are also, seemingly, the only people Donald Trump fully and completely trusts, both in business and personally.

I don’t think Donald Trump is himself racist. He doesn’t believe in anything but Donald Trump. I’m reminded of John Goodman’s line in the Big Lebowski: Nazis were awful people, but at least they stood for something. Donald Trump stands for and believes in nothing but Donald Trump.

But Trump’s core, most loyal supporters are racists, and Trump knows it.


After a man shouted “Heil Hitler! Heil Trump!” during a Baltimore performance of “Fiddler on the Roof,” audience members told a reporter they believed they were about to die in a mass shooting. [Xeni Jardin/Boing Boing]

Are you ready for Mel Gibson’s comeback?

Kevin Lincoln, The Vulture:

When we first see Mel Gibson in Blood Father, French director Jean-Luc Richet’s stylish exploitation flick that debuted out of competition at Cannes and bows Stateside on August 12, his character is at an AA meeting. Gibson’s head is bowed, and he’s talking about the people he hurt, the kind of man he was while drinking; he’s attempting to both do penance for his past and turn himself toward a better kind of future. Jacked, tattooed, and weatherbeaten, Gibson is playing a man named Link, but he could easily be talking about himself.

Plenty of movies out there by people who didn’t ever say that Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world


Josh Marshall describes the similarities between two turbulent years.

Like Marshall, I’m white — obviously — but don’t identify politically as white. I have a pragmatic reason for that: I’m Jewish. White supremacists don’t consider Jews white; in their mythology, we’re the evil puppetmasters pulling the strings of the force of evil.



Chemi Chalev, writing for Haaretz, attempts to reconcile Donald Trump’s apparently sincere embrace of Jews in his personal life, versus his campaign’s appeal to anti-Semitism.

Chalev notes that Roy Cohn, Trump’s mentor as a young man, was both a virulent anti-Semite and Jewish.

Why I’m not putting triple parentheses around my name

It seems like the kind of movement I’m uncomfortable with, more about self-congratulation than about stamping out bigotry. I say that without any disrespect for my peers who ARE participating in the movement. I could be wrong. And there are times I’m guilty of self-congratulation too. This very post might be an example of that.

But still, for the benefit of anti-Semites keeping databases of Jews in media: Add me to your list. I’m just a tech journalist operating in a business-to-business niche, but I’m definitely a Jewish person in media.

Also, I support the rights of Muslims, LGBTQ people, Latinos, and I’m a feminist. So go ahead and add me to those databases as well.

You’re welcome!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about: The (((echo))), explained [Matt Yglesias – Vox]

Also: Yglesias, despite the last name, is Jewish. Who knew?! Adam Sandler, add him to that song!

I just checked to be sure I included my Judaism is listed in my online bio. Indeed yes – very first paragraph. I note there that I’m not observant, because that’s true. Heck, I’ve even been known to celebrate Christmas. That doesn’t make me any less Jewish. My Judaism isn’t something I do; it is part of who I am.

The hypocrisy of criticizing Israel

”NATO bombed 5,000 civilians in Kosovo just because it was insulted; 27,000 Iraqi civilians were bombed during the American invasion because they posed a danger to the US; there is not a country in the world that can talk to us about morality.”

— Knesset Member Yisrael Hasson

Via ‘If European Countries Fail To Protect Their Jews, The State of Israel Will’, which notes the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe, including crowds marching and shouting, “Death to Jews.”

The death of Palestinian civilians is horrifying and I’m not going to make excuses for it. But this is what war is. It’s not Rambo jumping out of a swamp or John Wayne striding out of the jungle. It’s children being killed by bombs. It’s what happens when America goes to war, when Russia does, when Ukrainians do, in Syria and Libya. It’s all the same thing.

Good news and bad news about that town in Spain with a name that translates to “Jew Killers.”

The good news is they’re thinking of changing the name.

The bad news is the name they’re considering: Washington Redskins.

Actually, the history is pretty interesting: The town was founded in the 11th Century by Jewish refugees. 400 years later, the town converted to Catholicism during the Inquisition and changed its name to divert attention from its Jewish past.

A Hard Sell to Tame a Name in Spain – NYTimes.com.