Bottled water & M&Ms are the most popular items sold at airports.

Cell phone chargers and battery packs are hot items too.

Hope Remoundos, chief marketing officer at Hudson (formerly Hudson News), an airport convenience store chain, said the company noticed “the panic on the traveler’s face when their smart device had no juice, and there were only two or three plugs in the airport for somebody to plug into.

“Immediately, we added to our selection a line of chargers and [battery packs] so that all you had to do was plug in the power and you were ready to go.”

Topping the list of Hudson’s most expensive items sold is a pair of $1,000 ear buds — W60 by Westone. Eight people have purchased them to date.

Mostly though, people want a bag of Lay’s potato chips (number one in the snack category) and a pocket-size pack of Kleenex tissues (number one in the Health category).

(Michelle Cohan/CNN)