Doctor Who is back

The show doesn’t seem to be generating the same level of fan excitement as it did in previous seasons. It doesn’t seem to be generating any fan excitement at all.
We watched it. I liked it. I’ll keep watching.
It’s no longer on my “watch right away the night it airs” list, but it’s still on my DVR list.
I liked Bill. I didn’t love her but I liked her. She was annoying in the publicity photos, but she was likable onscreen. How can you find photos annoying? I don’t know. I just did.
It’s a very different tone than the previous two seasons. Almost a reboot.

47 photos of gag gifts and novelties at the Williamsburg General Store, Virginia

Julie and I had a terrific vacation in northern Virginia just after Thanksgiving. We went to Williamsburg, and stopped at the Williamsburg General Store, where I had a great time wandering around and taking pictures while Julie shopped.

I like to imagine the people who would buy the gag gifts. I bet they are great people to be around – a lot of fun.

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I fixed an annoying thing that was driving me crazy

The Apple Watch has a feature where it can unlock a compatible Mac. You just walk up to your Mac and it detects the proximity of your Watch and the Mac comes to life and unlocks. It’s nifty, and convenient, and a good security feature too.

Except it stopped working for me after I’d had the watch a few weeks. That was months ago. And every time I unlock my Mac, which is several times a day, I thought: I need to look into fixing that.

I finally did it Saturday. It took a little while. I followed these instructions. The step that fixed the problem was apparently resetting the radios. I put my Apple Watch in airplane mode, then switched airplane mode off again, which switched Bluetooth off and then on. Then on the Mac I toggled Bluetooth off and on again, and did the same for Wi-Fi. That was about the 10th step in the diagnosis checklist, but I’m pretty sure it’s the one that worked.

Odds of a civil war in the near future?

I’m reading history of the US in the 1850s and it is sure looking like today’s news.

In the first Civil War, like today, the red states had the guns and military so you’d think they’d win. But the blue states had the manufacturing and that turned out to be more important from a military standpoint. But then the red states kept on fighting from within the US and that’s still going on today.