Lion gets ready for a nap

Like OP says, wait for the yawn.

One of the amazing things about cats is no matter what size they are, they’re cats. I’ve seen our cats do this very thing.

I hope the photographer was a long, long way away when taking this video. I’m thinking maybe a remote-operated camera.

Just look at this photo of the Amtrak train station in Kingman, Ariz.

Just look at it. Look at a bigger version with more detail.

From Wikipedia: “ATSF Train station, built in 1907, in downtown Kingman, Arizona. Constructed in the Mission Revival Style, the building completed a renovation in 2010, and is currently used to serve Amtrak customers on the Amtrak Southwest Chief route. The train typically can be seen at the station at 2-3 am daily. The station lies alongside the Southern Transcon route of the BNSF railway right-of-way, carrying trains between Chicago and Los Angeles.”

Photo by Dean Cote (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Paper or plastic?

Paper or Plastic? The Simple Shopping Bag that Started a Convenience War. Kurt Kohlstedt @ 99% Invisible:

As plastic bags grew popular in the 1980s, checkout clerks found themselves asking a new question that often divided urban and suburban shoppers: paper or plastic? City dwellers on foot tended to prefer plastic bags with their convenient handles, while suburbanites often opted for paper that would sit upright in the trunks of their cars. 

A few decades prior, stores and consumers had no real choice in the matter. Paper dominated supermarkets, and not just at the checkout counter. Meats, produce and other products were mostly wrapped in paper or boxed in cardboard. With the development of high-density polyethylene in the 1950s, however, plastics took off.

Survey says: Kids prefer texting to in-person communications

35% of teens prefer text messaging, compared with 32% preferring in-person communications, according to a survey.

I’m frankly skeptical of this finding. Yes, I would rather use texting than many types of voice calls, but in-person is better still. Where possible, which of course it often isn’t.

Photos showcase the unlikely gorgeous 1960s designs of Gerry & Sylvia Anderson’s “supermarionation” sci-fi

RIP Bill Daily of “I Dream of Jeannie” and “The Bob Newhart Show”

Bill Daily, a Regular on ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ and ‘The Bob Newhart Show,’ Dies at 91. Melissa Gomez @ The New York Times:

In “Jeannie,” Mr. Daily played Maj. Roger Healey, an astronaut and best friend of Maj. Anthony Nelson, played by Larry Hagman, whose life changes when he falls in love with a blonde genie, played by Barbara Eden. The show ran from 1965 to 1970, and Mr. Daily was in 131 episodes.

Years later, Mr. Lundquist said, Mr. Daily expressed surprise that people were still watching and that they remembered him.

“When people would ask about him, he was always like ‘Really? They care?’” Mr. Lundquist said on Sunday. “Bill was just as nice as you could ever imagine.”

In an interview in 2003, Mr. Daily recounted how he landed the role. Mr. Daily said Sidney Sheldon, the creator of “Jeannie,” had seen him on the television series “Bewitched,” and asked if he would try out for the role of “Man in Uniform” on his show. Mr. Daily agreed.

After trying out, he said, he was surprised to learn that Mr. Sheldon had changed the script to make him Mr. Hagman’s “second banana.” Mr. Daily said he had once asked Mr. Sheldon why.

“He said, ‘I don’t know, I just saw something, I saw something,’ and he wouldn’t tell me what that was,” he recalled, adding, “Still don’t know why that happened.”

He said that during the show, he tried to emulate stand-up comedian Bob Hope, while Mr. Hagman wanted to be more serious. “I just wanted to be funny,” he said. “I had no idea what I was doing. I don’t know why they kept me on that show.”

All wisdom is contained in Howard Borden and Roger Healey.

” … any book that opens with a 200-year-old character teleporting in order to extend his birthday is worth reading.”

States rights and balanced budgets

I recently realized it’s a waste of time trying to convince states-rightsers and budget-balance fetishists that their position should be modulated. The best you can do is call them on their bullshit.

States rights are a bullshit argument originally promulgated to preserve and promote slavery and later used to justify the cruelest segregation and Jim Crow. States don’t have rights. People have rights. States are administrative entities, like school districts.

Nobody really believes balancing the budget is important. Balanced budget fetishists are eager to slash spending that helps the poor and commonweal, and use balanced budgets as an excuse. Balanced budgets are invoked by people who believe the rich got that way because they’re superior, and need to be rewarded for their advanced state of evolution.

In reality, the rich mostly got that way because they were born already rich.

The Republican Party gleefully forgets about states rights and balanced budgets when it comes to spending and laws that they support. Such as war, regulating people’s sex lives, throwing people in prison, and keeping brown-skinned people down.

Crooks are using caches of stolen passwords for a clever sextortion scam.

The attacker sends you an email containing one of your real passwords, and claims to have hacked your webcam to video-record you watching porn. They threaten to release the video to everyone in your address book.

The crooks get the password from a leak from a hacked website. One friend recognized his from a job search site he used years ago. LinkedIn was also hit by a password leak. I don’t recall if passwords were part of the Equifax hack a while back.

This attack would totally work on me if they threatened to release video of me picking my nose instead of watching porn.

Sextortion Scam Uses Recipient’s Hacked Passwords. Brian Krebs @ Krebs on Security.

Starbucks is coming to Italy. Next: Olive Garden?