I hope someone loves you as much as Minnie loves the occasional random carcass she finds on the ground.

Craig Mod: Fast software is the best software. craigmod.com

Software that makes you wait — even just a few fractions of a second — is the worst.

Love this essay, so true.

Though I use Ulysses and haven’t seen the problems the author describes.

One of the elements that makes fast software fast is that you instinctually know how to use it. You think a thing, and that thing happens. You're barely consciously aware of your fingers having moved.

Conversely, it's frustrating when want something to happen and then have to think – or look up in documentation – how to make it happen. And it knocks you out of flow when you think a thing and something else happens.

Without evidence, Trump accuses Google of manipulating millions of votes [Devin Coldewey] techcrunch.com Fox News repeated a bullshit claim by a junk science paper, and five minutes later the fake president tweeted it out as fact.

Peter Fonda starred in an odd sci-fi monster movie called “Dance of the Dwarfs,” later retitled “Jungle Heat,” that I quite liked. “African Queen” in the Philippines instead of Africa, with a helicopter and lizard people instead of a boat and Nazis. John Amos was in it too. www.rottentomatoes.com

Nir Eyal: Intentionality lets you take back control of technology and your life. Break the habit of picking up your phone if you're bored or frustrated. Do something else instead.[The Ezra Klein Show] www.vox.com

Is it that simple? I think I'll read Niyal's book, "Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life."

Comic Wanda Sykes has a French wife, and two white children. She jokes that she is a minority in her own home. [Fresh Air] www.npr.org

We watched the first episode of "Years and Years" A little light comedy before bed.

Japan was doomed to lose World War II before it even began, but saw itself as having no choice. American economic sanctions meant that Japan was going to lose its empire. On the Hardcore History podcast. www.youtube.com

Four hours but it flew by. Dan Carlin is a terrific podcaster and history teacher.

Proud Boys, Outnumbered By Anti-fascists, Get Police Escort After 30-Minute Rally www.huffpost.com

Many counterprotesters wore costumes to the rally. There was a person dressed as a unicorn and a brass band dressed as bananas. It was a tactic, a PopMob organizer told HuffPost, meant to disrupt the “toxic masculinity riot porn” the Proud Boys produce after these rallies for propaganda purposes. 

Whatever videos the Proud Boys might post from the day’s events, there’d be, for example, an anti-fascist dressed as a poop emoji in the background. 

‘They love the meanest parts of him’: Conservative writer explains why evangelical Christians stick with Trump www.rawstory.com

Look up! Your streetlamp is watching you: “San Diego has installed thousands of microphones and cameras in so-called smart streetlamps in recent years as part of a program to assess traffic and parking patterns throughout the city.” Instead, they’re being used for police surveillance. On the San Diego News Fix podcast from the San Diego Union-Tribune. player.fm

On the Fresh Air podcast: Crime novelist Laura Lippman discusses her new book, “Lady in the Lake,” set in the 1960s, about a young woman who leaves her marriage, gets a job at Baltimore’s newspaper, and begins investigating the mysterious death of a young black woman. www.npr.org

Lippman talks about her own experience in newsrooms as a reporter, deciding to become a mother in her 50s, and losing her friend Rob Hiaasen in the ‘Capital Gazette’ shooting last year.