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One simple change that can fix social media

On Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything podcast: Kathy Sierra was bullied off social media twice by vicious death threats, for her opinions about user interface design. (Yes, UI design). Now she proposes one simple change that could fix social media. And Chris discloses the secret origin of Facebook.


October 15, 2016

Dave Winer: On mixing short-form Twitter/Facebook blogging with longer posts.

For me, a big problem is that posting to Facebook or Twitter to share things is far easier than blogging. Blogging is more work. Particularly when posting a short blurt like this one. Particularly when posting from a phone, as I am now. Particularly when sitting on a daybed with a dog who has decided it is time for me to pay attention to her. Maybe that last bit is not a problem for most people, or one that internet technology will solve.


Mobile tech blogger James ‘jkontherun’ Kendrick suffers heart problem, needs bucks

Kendrick’s tagline is that he’s been using mobile devices since they weighed 30 pounds, and he’s been dispensing expertise all that time, recently from his site jkontherun. Now he needs our help. John Biggs says on TechCrunch:

James was a freelancer and his work recently dried up. To add insult to injury, he’s suffering from a serious heart condition that put him in the hospital for two months and now dumped him into a wheelchair. His site, once privately owned, was bought by Gigaom and died when that site was, in turn, bought.

He’s having trouble getting his freelance career going again, and is running a GoFundMe to accept contributions. I’ve contributed — please do the same yourself if you can afford it.