“What the hell is that, Dad? Is it even edible?” “Shut up and keep smiling, kids. Don’t make her angry. Remember there used to be three of you.”

Figidaire Appliances for better kitchens 1950

Three observations about Las Vegas

There is a very high density of selfie-takers here.

Nathan’s seems better from a distance, when you remember your dear departed mother took you there for lunch when you were a lad, than it does up close.

Encountering a 6’7″ man in a cowboy hat with an American flag tucked in the peak makes you glad you do not have any external indications that you supported Clinton.

Boomtown? Rats!

The new boomtowns: Why more people are relocating to ‘secondary’ cities [realestate.boston.com]

Julie and I discuss this every few months. She grew up in Columbus, Ohio, and still has family and friends there. I’ve visited many times and like it. Cost of living is much lower than San Diego.

I think Julie has more than halfway moved us there already. I’m wavering. I realistically know we can’t afford to keep living in San Diego if I’m ever going to retire. But I’m not planning to retire anytime soon. And I like it here. My strategy: Denial. Denial is working for me.

A friend says don’t move. I need to think about old age, he says. Winter is terrible on old people. You slip and fall on the ice and you die.

However, you know what else kills old people? 100-degree temperatures in summer. Also, wildfires.

This article makes a passing reference to San Diego. The article names San Diego as one of the secondary cities people are moving to. A point against moving away!

No comment — and that’s off the record!

‘No comment’: The death of business reporting: More and more companies are refusing to talk with journalists at all. I see this for myself every day. They don’t trust us and don’t think they need us – they use corporate websites and social media to talk directly to stakeholders. (The Washington Post)

Digitizing history

The New York Times is using Google AI to digitize 5-7 million historical photos.

The newspaper’s “morgue” has 5 million to 7 million photos dating back to the 1870s, including prints and contact sheets showing all the shots on photographers’ rolls of film. The Times is using Google’s technology to convert it into something more useful than its current analog state occupying banks of filing cabinets.

Specifically, it’s using Google AI tools to recognize printed or handwritten text describing the photos and Google’s storage and data analysis services, the newspaper said. It plans to investigate whether object recognition is worthwhile, too.

[Stephen Shankland/CNET]


I decided to sleep in this morning and did not even try to buy tickets. I get most of my Comic-Con enjoyment from going downtown and people-watching.

My earlier Comic-Con post makes me sound disgruntled. I’m not. Sure, I’d prefer that Comic-Con made it easier for me to buy tickets. But it’s not my business. I’m happy they’re here in San Diego, doing the work they do.

Republicans are paying the Trump tax

Trump’s political strategy is failing. Given the relative strength of the economy, Republicans should be polling a LOT better than they have been. Ezra Klein compares present-day polls with past research done in the midterms in other elections, and finds a big gap. Obama in particular was significantly more popular with 10% employment than Republicans are at less than 4%.[Ezra Klein/Vox]